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Related products and services for primary industry

Related Products


Custom built dairy products including:


Containerised Pump Transfer Stations: Self contained generator and solar powered stations with remote control monitoring for bulk liquid transfer applications

Plant Auto Wash: Retrofits system to upgrade any dairy shed

Gate Control: Custom built automatic speed control, remote switching, reversing and washing options for any gate

Teat Sprayers: Walk through systems for any dairy shed

Irrigation Control: Automatic flow control regardless of flow requirement using our CSL unique sensorless pressure control system, as well as loss of prime and dry running protection

Effluent Control: As per Irrigation Control as well as automatic Deragging (un-blocking)

Platform Control Gear: Including stainless steel consoles, platform speed control, safety stops etc

Float Stems: Custom float stems for specialised pump control applications

LED Lighting and Signage: Custom built festival lights and fluorescent fitting upgrades

Radio Control Equipment: For remote irrigator or farm supply pump monitoring and control

Flexible Impeller Pump:  Parts and spares for common brands used in dairy sheds

Switchboard: Custom built switchboard assemblies for dairy sheds, containers and solar systems (also can be made for any industrial application)

Solar: Custom built systems for containers and remote sites

Ebos: Home automation systems parts and service

Danfoss: Authorised service agents


We also can provide custom built equipment for primary industry applications


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